Buyer Beware

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Buyer Beware

Most buyers are unaware that in Massachusetts, with a few exceptions, the rule of Buyer Beware is still alive and well.  That is why the vast majority of transactions, buyers choose to have the property inspected by a licensed home inspector.  And it is also why there is a contingency in the offer, giving the buyer the right to opt out of the agreement they are not satisfied, or if there are defects or serious issues cannot be overcome.

 Caveat Emptor is an old common law rule which means “Buyer Beware”.  In plain English, it means that home buyers are on their own when it comes to the condition of a property. If there is a defect of any kind, it becomes the buyer’s problem, not the sellers.

Legally in Massachusetts, a private seller has no obligation to disclose anything to you about the home or nearby conditions. A seller can only get in trouble if he is asked a direct question and flat out lies about it.

 Buyers need to ask lots of questions, and I will hand you a list of questions to guide this. Call me to get started to find a Healthy Home!