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Organization Equals Action


Have you ever felt the strong desire to move forward with a project or situation, but couldn’t get going? Often this is because your external and internal worlds are cluttered.


De-cluttering your world can happen on many levels. The most obvious one that probably comes to mind for many is de-cluttering your environment. If your office has clutter or lacks organization and you have trouble moving forward with an idea or project, it might be time to take a time-out and develop a system of organization. Also, getting rid of things such as books, objects, decorations that no longer serve you or that you are not using anymore can be extremely cathartic. You know instinctively if something in your environment is bothering you or just feels like dead energy. Get rid of it! This may be true of your home as well or any other environment where you spend a lot of time. In addition, cleaning your environment is part of de-cluttering. Grime, filth and germs are a kind of clutter. They represent old energy that needs to be washed away. It’s hard to start afresh when you’re surrounded by old energy.


Often de-cluttering and organizing stay on the back burner because you just can’t find the time for it. One solution is to find 5-10 minutes per day to start the process. As you begin to see progress, you may be energized to put a bit more time into it. Also, if you can take part of a day off to tackle a large amount all at once, you’ll experience immediate relief and feel inspired by the results. In the world of Feng Shui, it is a known fact that a clean, clutter-free and organized environment creates a coherent energy. When you interact with that energy, you are less likely to be able to tolerate messes that lie next to the beautifully clean and organized area. This is a great Feng Shui phenomenon, since it then gives you the energy and inspiration to more rapidly move forward with the de-cluttering and organizing.


De-cluttering and organizing are also an inside job and sometimes we can’t even de-clutter our external environments because of internal clutter. What resides within your thought patterns and emotions that you need to let go of? Meditating and getting in touch with the blocks in your body can help bring awareness to the state of your internal world. You may need to express grief, anger or some other emotion. You may need to communicate something you’ve been holding on to for a long time. Perhaps you are spending time with friends who don’t serve your highest good and lower your energy.


If you can de-clutter your internal and external worlds, you will feel more energized and inspired to move forward with projects, plans, dreams and long-term goals.



I am in charge of my energy. I clear my internal and external worlds and experience wonderful results!