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Are you looking for Greener Living?
Interested in Net Zero Housing?

A Net Zero house is designed to produce as much electricity as it uses. This can be accomplished with

•Solar panels
•All electric
•Super insulated
•Air tight plus Energy Recovery Ventilation ( Heat AC Pumps) to supply fresh air. Perhaps one down stairs zone and one in each bedroom
•Lighting is LED
•Energy Star Certified by third party
•Windows G-R5 triple glazed

This provides a zero or near zero electricity bill. Can you imagine 72 degree and energy free? Why not put your money into your mortgage? Estimated 5-10 year pay back, depending on what you came from.

A house certified as NZEA ( Net Zero Energy Attainable) provides a 30% federal tax credit of $11,000 and a state tax credit of $1,000.

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