Tax Return Creativity

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Get Creative With Your Tax Refund

Experts will tell you to use your tax refund to pay down some debt or to tuck away into your savings.

But, if you've already done both of those things — you might want to take a different approach: Using your refund to change your life. Research shows that putting your money into something that saves you time will actually increase your overall happiness. 

For example?

* Consider hiring someone to do something that stresses you out (and saves you time) like cleaning your house.

* Maybe you want to switch careers but need to sharpen your skills by taking a few courses. The average $3,000 refund could fund career coaching, interview prep or resume tweaking.

* Jump on a new exercise regimen

* Start a course of short-term therapy 

* Get your estate planning in order

What would make the biggest impact in your life?