Why Choose an Executive?

Real Estate

An "Executive” is perceived to be more than just an "agent” by both customers and the industry at large. This is our brand. We are perceived to be more experienced, better negotiators, highly skilled and able to sell homes faster. We are perceived to be "the true Executives of the industry.”

 This brand is our company's most valuable asset. It's taken years of hard work and careful planning to create a culture that meets the highest standards time after time. A culture that supports, protects and lives-up-to, our brand. We take this very seriously because we believe there is no greater sales tool than a logo that stands for integrity, character, trust and experience. And our Executives - and their customers - benefit from this reputation of excellence.


 What is "The EXECUTIVE Difference?”


At REALTY EXECUTIVES, our Executives average nearly 13 years of real estate experience,nearly twice the national average. They are industry leaders in production experience and professional designations, typically out producing traditional executives three to one. The result is a name brand reputation which is perceived to be a level above everyone else in the industry.

 Our Executives are perceived to be:
More Experienced, not beginners
Better Negotiators
More Knowledgeable
Full of Integrity
Able to Sell Homes Faster
Able to Sell Homes for more Money
Highly Trained
Community & Industry Leaders
And most importantly, more trustworthy

 The Executive Advantage: Why Choose an Executive

 There are many differences between a typical agent and an Executive. At Realty Executives International - our sales Executives are a select group of seasoned real estate professionals with the experience, knowledge and skills to provide the best possible customer service - the true "Executives" of the industry with the tools to make your real estate transaction a success.


ADVANTAGE #1: BRAND RECOGNITION. With nearly 800 franchise offices worldwide, you are never far from the power of the Realty Executives brand and its strong reputation for excellence, integrity, experience - and results. Our brand advertising and our strong network of professionals covers the market like no one else - bringing potential buyers and sellers together and moving
properties both quickly - and at the most desirable prices for our clients.


ADVANTAGE #2: PEACE OF MIND. When you work with an Executive, you're working with one of the best REALTORS® in the business. Not only will you always feel like you are their only client, you'll feel a peace of mind that comes from doing business with a company that practices the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. And, since we equip each and every Executive with the tools, information and support they need to make the most of every client relationship - your Executive will be by your side serving you throughout every step of the process.


ADVANTAGE #3: POWERFUL MARKETING. When you work with an Executive, you'll personally benefit from our strong, united marketing efforts designed to bring potential buyers and sellers together to meet our clients' needs. Our world-class website combined with our international, regional and local marketing programs - including TV, radio, print, outdoor and internet advertising - will help you buy or sell real estate fast, easily and at your desired price.


ADVANTAGE #4: KNOWLEDGE. Our Executives know the market and our industry inside and out. After all, that is what being an Executive is all about. Our Executives average more years in the real estate profession and, typically, represent more buyers and sellers than the average agent. The result? The knowledge of what it takes to achieve the best possible results for you in the shortest period of
time - whether you're buying or selling.


ADVANTAGE #5: MORE EXPERIENCE. As some of the most seasoned professionals in the market, our Executives use their knowledge and skill to provide the best service available to clients nationwide - and worldwide - as they have for 50 years. And, since our Executives average more years in the real estate profession, and typically represent more buyers and sellers than the average agent, they know what it takes to achieve the best possible result for you in the shortest period of time.