Events Sponsored by Susan Mogren


1)  Financial Peace University Class. Volunteer Coordinator

Take Control of Your Money. Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson money class that teaches step-by-step how to create a budget, pay off debt, spend with YOUR plan in mind, and save for the future.

Make a plan, and work the plan!   Gain equity in your house or SAVE MONEY FOR A HOUSE!

FREE 9 week discussion, meet with a group to stay organized and inspired. Purchase your discounted materials kit  through the ""Spend Your Way to Happiness" link.  

Start dates Tuesday nights 6-8 PM:

Tuesday June 11, 2019 Virtual Class with ZOOM go-to meeting 

Tuesday January 15, 2019 Virtual Class with ZOOM go-to meeting 

Tuesday Sept 11, 2018 Holliston 8 graduates

Tuesday June 12, 2018 Holliston  3 graduates

Tuesday March 20, 2018 Southboro 5 graduates


Class begins with a meditation, sharing successes, one minute takeway from the video, discussion,  and support. My job is to provide inspiration and hope.

Watch your one hour video at home online, sign into ZOOM ( free ) for 40 minute discussion.  Insurance and Lender guest speakers to answer questions.   

Questions? Susan Mogren,  text or cell:  508 269 7677

Learn how to gain equity in your house. You will always pay someones mortgage, your landlords or your own! 

SIGN UP with the link below discounted materials kit $109. (public price  $129) 

Spend Your Way to Happiness


2) Djembe Hand drumming 4- 6 times a year. I send automated date reminders. Susan Mogren

Drumming is an ancient practice that reduces stress, boosts moral, fosters creativity, plus it is fun, easy, lively and loud. Facilitated call and response, limited to 20 people. Drums provided. 

If you plan to purchase a drum, the drum circle leader has recommendations for best size, best sound. Contact me. 


3) Green Funeral Planning, Contact me to be added to the invitation list. Susan Mogren

The experience is unique and personal. It can also be more

affordable and respectful to the environment.

         This program will give you the legal facts, the logistical details and a

description of the enormous personal benefits that come with this profound

moment in a family's life.

This is facilitated by Peg Lorenz,  Home Funeral Educator. Her service is called Peaceful

Passage at Home (


 4)  Buyer or Seller Consultations

I offer a FREE 2 hour consultation to create well educated and savvy consumers. 

We can get to know each other,  and see if we are a good fit.

Contact me for a WISH LIST to get started.


5) Habitat for Humanity

Every time I get a referral I make a donation. I appreciate your referrals. 

Can you help me raise money for Habitat for Humanity?

I also donate our old cars. 


6) Client Appreciation Events  Create A Healthy Home

September 2017 Tatnuck Bookseller Westborough Event Room:

Fung Shui Practitioner presentation with Christine Conway

Sherwin Williams Paint Home Color Consultation, Services and Discounts 

SWAT Free Radon Kits 

Safe Wells inspection and ongoing maintenance of wells

Free Gifts


7) Oneness Blessings  Locations near you.